Vacation pure

Holidaying in ARLETA offers a variety of facets. 
But one thing remains common: ARLETA is always worth a visit!

Experience nature

The convenient location of ARLETA at the edge of a nature reserve in vicinity to the town offers plenty of opportunities for nature experience, whether by foot, by bicycle or in winter with skis or sled: explore the beautiful countryside of the Harz region, and the National Park with the Brocken.

Arleta offers rental bikes, Nordic walking poles, cross-country skis and sleds.

Relaxation and recreation

After an active day, relax beside the fireplace in our sitting room or in ARLETA's garden under a sky full of stars and search for shooting stars.

  • You will find in ARLETA a variety of books, games, music instruments (Piano and others) and recorded music (CDs)

  • Use our wellness offers, indulge yourself, and have the courage to de-celerate.

  • Visit one of the spas, saunas and swimming pools in the vicinity of ARLETA.

  • Are you looking for a beautician or would like to enjoy a sound massage? We can help you to choose providers in the area.

  • Ready for meditation? Our garden hut can be the perfect spot for you.

Culture and Creativity

Goslar, a World heritage town with beautiful medieval half-timbered homes awaits your pleasure to stroll through its streets and passages. The town also hosts a variety of cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions, craft markets, guided tours to name only a few.

  • ARLETA offers workshops like "djembe drums" and "Creative singing". Information under "Packages"

  • Would you like to fabricate your own personal piece of jewelry during your vacation? We arrange goldsmith’s courses in Goslar for as few as two women.

  • Our local stone sculptress offers her skills for your wishes. She is the artist of our Goslar town monument "Strong Woman"; to admire in the the Romanesque garden of the Neuwerk church)

Health/on the Search for the meaning of Life

In addition to our delicious and healthy food, fresh air and a quiet environment, ARLETA is able to contribute to your well-being in many ways:

  • Treat yourself and order a relaxation or foot reflexology massage provided by our in-house masseuse.

  • Barbara Langer offers Reiki and Bach flower consultations. More information under “wellness offers".

  • We arrange appointments with trustworthy naturopaths in our area

  • We offer to arrange your participation in breath therapy, yoga and fasting seminars in Goslar and the immediate vicinity.

Sports activities

Goslar and the Harz region are a paradise for sports enthusiasts.

  • ARLETA can arrange groups for Hiking, Nature and Wellness; Cross-country skiing and massage. For more information, see “Packages”.

  • You will find a table tennis table in ARLETAs basement

  • We rent bikes, cross country skies and Nordic walking sticks

  • The hilly Harz region is a popular for mountain bikers and motorcyclists

  • Enjoy bathing in a lake nearby

  • Book a flight in the paragliding school of Goslar

  • Enjoy the climbing paradise in the Okertal