Your hostesses

We welcome you warmly:

Doris Möglich

landlady and hostess since 1995

Her partner Barbara Langer

psychological counselor and Reiki Master

I started my professional career as a teacher and then worked for many years in a Shelter for Battered Women and children. In ARLETA, I have linked my various preferences: I like to be in contact with people, I love to live in nature. I am passionate about building and creating. In addition, I am a creative cook and familiar in dealing with numbers since I studied mathematics. ARLETA is my daily gift through the interesting and valuable encounters with diverse women who inspire me and enrich my life.

About 20 years ago, I discovered the Reiki energy for my life and the wonderfully tender effects of the Bach Flower Remedies. I wanted to share my joy about this work with others, and decided to integrate Reiki and relaxation as well as the Bach flower remedies in my psychological counseling for women. Since about 10 years, our ARLETA Guest women have been using these wellness offers for recreation or to get impulses for their lives. For me ARLETA is a little paradise.

Business Philosophy

Resorts, guesthouses, B&B retreat specifically for women are existing around the world. The hostesses of ARLETA offer a vacation home that offers more than just a Bed and Breakfast. You have the possibility to experience encounters and diverse recreation activities in a pleasant atmosphere. It is your choice, whether and how much contact with others you wish during your stay. Mutual respect and attentiveness in dealing with each other are priorities in ARLETA. We are looking forward to women of all ages and backgrounds. Business travelers are welcome. We offer a limited level of accessibility for women with special needs/disabilities.

The name »Arleta«

The retreat B&B "Arleta", named after a Greek singer, symbolizes the connectedness to her country, culture and music. The owner Doris Möglich and landlady since 1995 and her partner Barbara Langer with customized holistic wellness offers welcome you warmly. By the way: both hostesses do speak Greek.